The club has a long and distinguished tradition of premiership wins and successful teams

Each year, the Winter season for Juniors starts in early May and concludes around the end of August or beginning of September while the Summer season will commence in early October and concludes in March. Division 1 & 2 matches are played Friday evenings and the remaining divisions on Saturday mornings.

Team lists are posted on this website (see the “team information” on the Home page) each Thursday from approximately 6pm. Please check the website each week for team order and court location.

If your team cannot field sufficient players for a match, please inform Katrina Davies as soon as possible on 0438 084 174 or

Junior Team Training is on Wednesdays 5-6pm.

Each year, the Winter season for Seniors starts in early May and concludes around the end of August while the Summer season commences in early October and concludes in March.

Winter matches begin at 1:00pm. Summer Matches begin at either 12:45 or 3:15. Players should be at their court 15 minutes prior to the start of play.

Team lists will be posted on the outside noticeboard of the club rooms and on the website (see the “team information” on the Home page) each Thursday from approximately 6pm. Please check the board or the website each week for team order and court location.

If you are unavailable for a match please inform your team captain. Players are expected to be available for all matches.

Social mixed doubles tennis is played every Wednesday evening all year round (weather permitting). This is very popular for Club Members and guests. For more information, go to the Wednesday Night Tennis page.
Membership fees for the 2018/2019 summer season
(the tennis year runs 1 Sept 2018 – 31 Aug 2019)
Junior competition (see note 1) $185`
Snr + Jnr competition (see note 1) $270`
Snr competition only – Junior member $195`
Snr competition – Senior member $260`
Snr comp. – Senior member, Full-time student $235`
Snr competition – Life Member $80`
Club Membership – Social Player $110`
Non-playing $20`
Family (all at same address) – total fees rebated to max of:- $650`


1) Add “Light Levy” as an “Extra” for junior playing Friday night divisions ($20).
2) Add Shirt as an “Extra” if required. Club Shirts are mandatory for juniors.
3) Court keys ($15) can be ordered as “Extras” when registering.
4) Juniors must be 17 or under as at 1st September.
Membership fees for the 2019 winter season

(Note: New Member fees include $55 for half year basic club membership, expiring 31/08/2019)

Junior Competition  (See Note 1 & 2) $115`
Junior Competition – New Member (See Notes 1 & 2) $170`
Junior Comp. also playing Senior Comp (See Notes 1 & 2) $140`
Junior Comp. new player also playing Senior Comp (See Notes 1 & 2) $195`
Senior Competition $90`
Senior Competition – New Member $145`
Senior Competition – Life Member $50`
Note 1:  Club shirt is mandatory for junior matches.  Add $25 for each new shirt required
Note 2:  Add $45 lights levy if playing junior Friday night matches.
Online Registration
ETKG is offering on-line membership registration through MyTennis, including a credit card payment option.

REGISTRATION of a person 15yrs or older:

Proceed directly to the MEMBER REGISTRATION section below


REGISTRATION of children under 15 years by linking them to your email address:

  • If your child is of primary school age (Reception to Year 7) check out the Sports Voucher program on the SA Office of Sports and Recreation website. If applicable, send completed vouchers to the Treasurer, Justin Venning to claim your $50 reimbursement.
  • Accounts for your dependants under 15 years can be set up and linked to your email address. You will be sent an email for each account set up, requiring you to activate the new account.
  • Dependant accounts must have a unique user name. These user names, rather than your email, are used as the ID for subsequent logins to your dependants’ account.
  • Each dependant’s account is then used to register for the appropriate ETKG membership (following the MEMBER REGISTRATION section below).
  1. This can be a bit of a challenge, so please read  THESE INSTRUCTIONS  for more detailed information about registering dependants.
  2. To create each dependant’s account, go to and click JOIN (top-right).  Note: you must be logged out of any account to get the JOIN | LOGIN option displayed.
  3. Call the support desk 1800 PLAY TENNIS (1800 752 983) if you need help.


  • Be sure to READ THE FULL LIST OF MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS before checking the box at the left of the appropriate membership.
  • Note, if you do not already have an account for the new MyTennis system, you will be required to set one up. As well as becoming part of the TennisConnect community, setting up your new account and registering with ETKG will earn a $5 reward for the club from Tennis Australia. So please, help us continue to provide the facilities that you enjoy at your club.
  • Each individual 15yrs or over must be able to provide an email address that is unique on MyTennis.
    Juniors must wear a club shirt for competition matches. If you need a shirt, tick the appropriate club shirt “Extra” check box and select the required size.
  • IMPORTANT: When setting up individual accounts, please go to the account profile and allow notifications from your club or organisation, otherwise you may miss out on important messages.
Your ETKG membership registration will only become effective when you have paid the required fees by credit card, EFT, cheque or cash.

Fees by cheque or cash can be sent to:

The Secretary
Lyn Zeidler
P.O. Box 91
Glenside SA 5065


The Treasurer
Justin Venning
P.O. Box 91
Glenside SA 5065

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