The club has a long and distinguished tradition of premiership wins and successful teams

Our Coaching

Domenic Marafiote is ETKG’s Club Coach.

Head Coach Domenic Marafiote


Club Coach of 2017/18



Domenic holds a Tennis Australia High Performance Coaching Qualification, and is the Director and Head Coach of High Performance Tennis.

On Thursday April 5th at the Hilton Adelaide in front of 265 attendees, the 2017/18 South Australian Coach of the Year for Coaching Excellence for a Club was awarded to High Performance Tennis Head Coach, Domenic Marafiote.  This event showcases and celebrates all the outstanding achievements of South Australia’s players, coaches, clubs, communities, volunteers and officials over the past 12 months.  For more information, go to the High Performance Tennis website

ETKG is the principal venue for the exceptional tennis coaching services provided to both members and non-members by High Performance Tennis. The focus is on development for all ages and abilities through established tennis coaching programs and pathways.

Go to the High Performance Tennis website for more details about the coaching personnel and programs.

As well as the open programs, High Performance Tennis also run the weekly team training sessions for all junior teams, during both summer and winter competition seasons.

These training sessions are included as part of the member benefits for all junior team members.

Contact High Performance Tennis:

0412 752 116

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